Zoe Star
Areas covered include:
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Love and Relationships



Career: New Opportunities and Promotion

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Guidance for Future Goals and Desires



Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

Zoe Star –

Psychic and Tarot Reader

I was born into a family of people who seem to sense, feel, and hear messages either through dreams or through clairaudient and clairvoyant means. I have inherited these abilities and have also taken up the use of the mystical tarot as well as other divination tools to help others in need. 

Of course since I am a Capricorn with a Leo ascendent and Libra moon, I seek honesty, integrity, and balance when seeking answers to life's most pressing questions. In order to be more well rounded, I have also obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology to add to my toolbox that I use for anyone who comes to me in their time of need. 

Not only am I seeking to help, I also give back to my community through charity work. I can be found yearly at my county's Relay For Life event to raise money for cancer research, I donate to my local hospital's Foundation to help fund various outreach programs, and I race in several 5k races that raise money for various causes. I have also volunteered as a Guardian Ad Litum for four years for my county. 

I share a cozy home to my husband and best friend whom I adore. His efforts to support my endeavors are not easy and yet he is by my side every step of the way. We live in a rural area with our wonderful cats who own us as much as we own them. They, along with our four boys between us, never leave us with a dull moment!