Tauren Lyn –

Psychic and Medium

Such a pleasure to meet you! 


Being in touch with a seventh sense is one of the many things that run in my family. Between that, and our love of corny jokes, we keep ourselves entertained quite well. In our family it is not a matter of IF someone had a gift, that was not in question. The excitement more centered upon which gift the new family member would have. Many of our members find ways to work with our intuitive gifts by going into a healing field. In fact, most of our family works in a medical profession, or has artistic talent they use to make healing talismans in order to better help the person drawn to it.


I am one of the very few of family members who have been called to help others through psychic readings. I have been known to have conversations with people who have crossed over. As a nurse I found this to be extremely helpful when helping the patient in my charge, and to the family members to help ease the pain of crossing over. This is a sensitive and cumbersome time for all experiencing the loss and the grief that accompanies it. 


I now bring my gifts to you. My ability to see your situation and your loved ones who have crossed over, can be a tremendous help toward finding closure. I can also see you through a situation such as personal concerns, relationship worries, and guidance on your path to reaching your fullest potential with your chosen path. Please allow me a moment of your time for a psychic perspective and allow me to be the vessel through which you hear the things you need to see!